What my clients say


Sarah has been working with my daughter for nearly a year. She has really made a difference for our family. Sarah is great at building confidence and provides a safe place for my daughter. Also, she has helped my husband and I better understand what our daughter needs.

She has helped my daughter cope with the complex social environment all our girls have to navigate. Sarah goes out of her way to tailor her sessions to meet my daughter's specific needs.

I have other friends who recommended Sarah to me. We often talk about how much our girls have come into their own thanks to Sarah's help. I can't recommend her enough!"

Mother of 16-yr. old "K"


Sarah is AMAZING!! It has been beyond wonderful working with her and seeing ‘M’ adopt tools along the way. I could not be more thrilled and grateful that she is better equipped to handle all that life will throw at her. We feel blessed to have Sarah as an important part of ‘M’s’ growth and development!”

Mother of 14-yr. old "M"


I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough as she exudes professionalism, relatability, positivity, empathy, and a genuine sense of caring to both our daughter ‘A’ and to us, and the time she’s spent with ‘A’ has yielded tangible benefits. We were trying our best to provide love and support at home but also believed a qualified third party would bring additional tools to help her sort through a difficult time.

Though that specific situation was resolved rather quickly, our work with Sarah continued on as we realized the value of her connection with 'A' and the broader significance of the work they were doing, particularly as related to coping with perfectionism and building overall self-confidence…

We’ve definitely noticed a difference in ‘A’s’ ability to recognize and handle stressors in her life - advocating for herself and taking action, instead of just melting down as she was previously at times prone to do. We truly believe that Sarah is helping ‘A’ to establish lifelong skills and strategies that will prove invaluable in many ways for years to come!”

Mother of 13-yd. old "A"