Empowering Your Teen Daughter to Thrive in Adolescence

If you want your girl to be happier, less stressed, and more confident, you’ve come to the right place!


What happens when girls develop more self-esteem, confidence, and courage?

They experience their teen years with more calm & less stress while transforming into impactful leaders.

As the parent of a teen girl...

You know how much pressure she puts on herself to achieve, yet she feels like it’s never good enough...

You see how much potential she has blossoming inside her...you just wish she could see (and act on it) too!...

You feel how much pain she’s in when she faces a setback and want her to build the resilience to tackle life's challenges on her own...

You worry about how anxious & overwhelmed she is and wish she had healthy coping skills for her BIG teen emotions...

You sense her pulling away from you and want her to have a safe space to talk with a trusted adult...

Sound familiar?

Being a teen girl these days is tough.

And raising them can be just as painful & challenging at times.

But there's good news...I'm here to help!

Let's help your daughter reach her full potential

Hiya! I'm Sarah Kenny,
a professionally certified coach, mentor, and positive role model for adolescent girls. I believe that self-empowered girls will change the world, and my mission is to help them more readily navigate the challenges of adolescence so they can thrive as young women and transform into the leaders of tomorrow.



How I Help Girls

Life Coaching

I provide girls/young women ages 14+ a safe space to work through common teen issues while keeping them focused & accountable. Coaching will also help your daughter develop her identity, independence, and self-leadership skills—things that are crucial for leading a happy, successful life.


I offer workshops for girls, moms, and families on a variety of issues facing modern teens, like stress management and body image. In addition to running events on a regular basis, I also create custom workshops for groups—large or small!


Learn the 5 Powerful Responses Every Mom Should Memorize to Improve Girls' Body Image

So you can more confidently comfort, support & empower your daughter to feel better about herself!


Sarah is AMAZING!! It has been beyond wonderful working with her and seeing ‘M’ adopt tools along the way. I could not be more thrilled and grateful that she is better equipped to handle all that life will throw at her. We feel blessed to have Sarah as an important part of ‘M’s’ growth and development!”

Mother of 14-yr. old "M"

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Get your daughter the help she deserves while setting her up for future success

If you want to learn more about how I work with teen girls, let’s chat! I offer complimentary, 20-minute parent inquiry calls where we’ll discuss your daughter’s current situation, how life coaching works, and if we’re a good fit. Schedule your call below to get started today!


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