Lead Like a Queen: A Young Woman's Guide to Audacious Living

An overnight #1 Bestseller, Lead Like a Queen is an inspirational self-help guide for any young woman who is sick of suffering from anxiety, overwhelm, and doubt, and eager to find more happiness, purpose, and fulfillment much earlier in life.

Sharing heartfelt (and hard-earned) advice, practical strategies, and expertise gained from the author’s own healing journey, this book teaches readers how to break through the fear and angst that is holding them back from reaching their full potential and unleashing their power.

Most importantly, it inspires young women to become autonomous, audacious Queens: the bold leaders and change agents our world desperately needs.

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What Readers Say

“For each young woman who reads this book, a light will shine on some resounding truth or dare. Sarah Kenny’s own unstoppable curiosity, compassion, and optimism shine through these pages, which inspire great confidence and hope to create a meaningful life journey. It’s wonderful!”

Dr. Julia Sloan
Professor at Columbia University, Author, "Learning to Think Strategically"

"This book is a perfect blend of research and experience, anecdotes and coaching. It's written for young women but the ideas are universal: embracing the discomfort of growth, taking responsibility for your own feelings, releasing responsibility for keeping others happy, and battling the dragon of perfectionism. A great read for any young woman seeking her path and growing into her power!"

Jenny Magic
Author, "Change Fatigue"

“Get ready to be ignited and empowered by Sarah Kenny's profound experience and wisdom. Her book is an invaluable resource, equipping young women with the essential tools and mindset to thrive in today's world with unwavering confidence and determination!”

Stacy Hartmann
Author, "Metaconscious Entrepreneur"

About the Author

Sarah Kenny

Sarah Kenny is a bestselling author, speaker, and leadership coach dedicated to empowering women and girls to unleash their potential for the global good. She holds an MA in Gender Studies, is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, and has over 15 years of experience developing and training women leaders in the US and around the world. Sarah—who lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their prized pets—loves reading, yoga, cooking, all things French, and watching comedies and British dramas “with a strong female lead.”

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