I offer educational & interactive workshops for girls, moms, and families on a variety of subjects related to girls' empowerment & teen girl issues.

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Popular workshops I offer include:

Teen Girls & Tech

This 90-minute workshop helps parents and their adolescent daughters learn concrete tips and tools for developing healthier digital habits & social media literacy—together, as a family.

Emotional Literacy & Resiliency

This 60-minute workshop helps girls gain a deeper understanding of how to identify, name, and process what they're feeling. They’ll also learn healthy coping skills for managing “difficult” emotions, voicing their needs, and practicing self-care.

Navigating Risky Behavior

This 60-minute workshop helps girls learn about the effects of engaging in risky behavior (i.e. sex, drugs, and alcohol) and how to make self-respecting decisions about their bodies and health.

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